Episode 1 The Lost Space ( The Lost Space )

Episode 1

On the eastern tip of the continent lives a tribe called Rian. They live peacefully with beasts and their domestic animals in the forest. One day, a curse looms in the Napooa Forest where the Rian dwells, turning all the animals into ferocious beasts. As days go by, monsters start to pose threat to the very livelihood of the tribe.

Seeing the horror that visits the tribe, the Elder of the Rian orders his daughter Xena and her friends to go find the source of the curse.

Xena, who is the first follower of the Rian, and her friends face their very first trial. They begin their journey toward the ruins in the forest to find the curse; however, they are attacked by mad beasts and monsters they have never seen in their lives before. With no knowledge about the curse, they panic and are separated.

Now left alone, Xena struggles to escape the dangers lurking in the forest, and she finds one huge tree turned into a monster in the ruins in the forest. Upon seeing the tree, Xena realizes that she is in mortal danger. She tries to find her way back to her tribe to warn the people, but she is lost again because of the attack from the monsters. After a few days, she comes across a secret passage to her village.

Could she find her way back to the village already tainted by Darkness? Could she fight her way through Darkness?

She must continue her battles that seem endless.