Episode 3 The Dark Of Forest ( The Dark Of Forest )

Episode 1

When the crevice of Mana the Moon becomes divided, the curse of Darkness floods the forest. The prophecy has come true, and the life of the Rian is unbearably miserable.

The Napooa Forest is no longer the place where the Rian can enjoy and benefit from. Wisdom of the forest is no longer used to make living but to resist Darkness. The small village of the Rian is secluded, surrounded by nothing except the curse on the Napooa Forest and the howling of the beasts in the forest.

The villagers light their torches and build a palisade. Someone has to lead the villagers and overcome the crisis.

'Shukina', the shaman of the Rian, foresees this danger and shows the seal of the magic handed down for generations to the warriors so they can maximize their battle skills and power and skills.

On the other hand, 'Dantuki', the protector of the village, uses all his skills to make spears called Nang, swords, and armors so they receive the spirit of warrior.

The villagers stake their lives on unity, and their courageous spirit will lead them safe out of this danger.