Episode 5 The Curse Of Kalakhina Ancient Tomb (The Curse Of Kalakhina Ancient Tomb)

Episode 5

Even before the continent Om Lit Praga was given its name, there existed an ancient and prosperous civilization. Some travelers passed by the traces of the past culture, but they had not the desire to delve into the secrets or to embark on adventures.

As the ominous signs of Darkness gaining strength surface, however, people begin to look at the past ruins from different perspectives, and the interest grows gradually. Curiosity brings legend, and the legend is unveiled.

The ancient tomb of Kalakhina, the absolute monarch of the past civilization, could be the ray of hope to the young warriors of each tribe trying to bring back peace. However, the curse of Darkness that has already seeped into the underworld has changed the ancient legend of the Tomb into a nightmare.

Dead bodies of the ancient warriors buried with the monarch will come back to life in the dead of night by the curse of Darkness. Their memory of pain being buried alive and of the obsession to protect their master still fresh, they turn their fury upon the brown-eyed warriors.