Chat Guide Refining Weapons and Armors

Refining Weapon and Defense Equipment enables you to raise the level of weapons and defense equipment. The success rate is at a certain probability, and there is lower possibility of success with higher level. Remember that your items vanish when you fail. To refine your weapons and defense equipment, go to NPC such as Danduki, the blacksmith in Rian Village, or Shataram in Yereden Village. Remember that you must have the required items to refine your weapon.

Rian Village

Refine Items at Danduki in Rian Village

Yerden Village

Refine Items at Shataram in Yerden Village

Refining Items

Refinement interface
Refinement interface

If refining succeeds, you will see the following window and message. Click OK, and check your inventory window (hotkey - 3).

Refinement success