Patch Notes v1270



Patch Notes Version 1270:
- New Premium Scrolls avaliable in Lune Shop (30 day - 28k lune, 7 day 9k lune. These scrolls do NOT include the bonus lune given through website subscription)
- Premium Time will show with a new “Premium Buff Icon”
On-du Sham(Mage):
- Increased Mage HP pool (you will have to level up for changes to take affect)
- Increased Mage defense when applying points into INT (points in INT will now give slightly more defense)
- Added New DoT4 Yelba Skill Taeyang-Ui (previous box skill)
- Adjusted Blackhole AoE(+)/speed(+)
- Adjusted Tornado added AoE/speed(+)
- Adjusted Blizzard speed to match Loontayang-yi(+)
- Adjusted Hurricane speed to match Loontayang-yi(+)
- ***Added "Maseukeu" box skill*** (same drop rate as other box skills)
- Added Small AoE to Queenkasa
- Added Small AoE to Bunhwagu / adjusted speed(-)
- Adjusted Tamasham AoE(-)
- Adjusted Jeogi AoE(-)
- Adjusted Trembler AoE(+)
- Added AoE back to Shukanan
- Added Small AoE on Chemnute
- Adjusted Hooknut AoE(-)
- Adjusted Thunderclap speed(-)
- Adjusted Bladestorm speed(-)
- Adjusted Honawka AoE(+)/ speed(+)/(+)damage
- Adjusted Jigu AoE(+)/ speeds(+)