Patch Notes v1277



Patch Notes Version 1277:
- Improvements to launcher updating and file extracting
- Fixed Premium Scrolls not being tradable
- Fixed Loonba Boots from using Scroll(Weapon of Kanar) to Scroll(Armor of Kanar)
- Fixed Potion pricing for +2 / +3 / +4 HP & MP from vendor
- Adjusted Loontayang-yi AoE to match Hurricane & Blizzard
- Adjusted Hiyat AoE scale (L1 has 120 pixels, Tar/Yelba has 200 pixels)
- Adjusted Supernova AoE scale (L1 has 180 pixels, Tar/Yelba/Mir has 230 pixels)
- Adjusted Maseukeu AoE scale (L1 has 200 pixels, Tar/Yelba has 360 pixels)
- Adjusted DoT5 Crits
- Adjusted Weapon Speed of DoT5 Bow / Staffs
- Adjusted Wyrmspire drop rates
- Adjustments to DoT5 refinement (higher +s)
- Adjustments to scaling for some in-game mobs (Dungaipara, Lord Morthys)
- Template update to allow more than 6 items per refinement (Backend update to allow more refinement items)