Town Hall Meeting Summary

Village Chief


Town Hall Meeting Summary - JUN 09 2024 

General Topics:

Staffing Changes and Feedback:

  • First town hall in almost three months to gather feedback following staff changes.

Lune Trading and Warehouse Spaces: 

  • Expanded warehouse spaces to benefit all players.

New Event with New Mechanics:

  • Event items drop from every monster; progression through NPCs for higher event items.

Video/Picture Event:

  • Submissions of game recordings/screenshots can win prizes and be featured in advertisements.

New User Cinematic Mode:

  • Ability to turn off everything for better video/screenshot creation.

Web Server Moved:

  • Moved on 08 JUN 2024, which will help with database improvements and give us the ability for a "ThangDB" in the near future.

Upcoming DoT5 & beyond:

  • 25-30 new items, new refinement items, and a new dragon map with five dragons and unique drops.
  • Test server launch soon; weapon speed similar to version Dot4 but with better damage.
  • Level cap increase to 210; experience gain above level 200 will be harder.
  • Future levels (210-215) will have sigils added.
  • Mages to receive a new item (possibly a bracer) for the shield slot, along with new shield models.
  • Revamping lower-level maps with more quests, spawns, and elite mobs for new players after DoT5
  • Introduction of cosmetic items with unique glows over existing sets; improvement of timer system


Q: Minimizable Client and FPS Cap Setting: 
A: No current plans but a future rewrite of graphics is planned to address these issues. 

Q: Game Platform (e.g., Steam) for Publicity: 
A: Plans to join a platform like Steam are under discussion, but technical improvements are needed first. 

Q: Engaging Combat Mechanics: 
A: No short-term plans for new combat mechanics, but new skills and effects are being considered. 

Q: Additional Payment Methods for Premium: 
A: Not planned at the moment, but in-game items might offer premium time in the future. 

Q: Movable UI: 
A: Yes, improvements to save UI positions are planned and may be implemented soon. 

Q: Gear already in-game from other sources: 
A: Not officially planned due to modeling issues. 3D modeling work is in progress, but no timeframe is set but we will be adding new armor in the future. 

Q: Revamping Razin and World Bosses: 
A: A world boss map is planned after DoT5, with random world boss spawns. Including Razin improvements, etc. 

Q: New Weapons Between Dot4 and DoT5: 
A: Not currently planned. Not completely against. Some Item levels will be increased to avoid compression. (IE DoT4 to 170) 

Q: Dot1 Mages: 
A: Not a priority currently. Possibly in the future. 

Q: Duam Sword in Game: 
A: Not currently dropping; will get re-added to drop tables soon. 

Q: Mir Box Skills/Refining Low Level Skills to "Better" versions: 
A: Refining to mir and upgrading lower-level skills are considered great ideas and will be looked into. 

This is a general summary of what was discussed during the town hall. Hope to see everyone at the next one! 

Thang Global Staff
Happy Hunting!